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What is an organization?

An organization is essentially any association, institution, enterprise, club, or group that interacts with people. Frequently, when organizations interact with people, they make claims about their accomplishments. These claims can cover:

  • Winning awards or achievements
  • Receiving certifications
  • Completing courses or classes
  • Professional licenses
  • Membership
  • Employment

These claims are important because they're how we relate to all organizations in our lives.

Orgs send Merits to the people they engage with.

What are merits?

Merits represent these claims; they are personal or professional accomplishments that qualify individuals for new opportunities. They are easily accessible and can include valuable details such as expiration dates, media attachments, and information about the recipient.

Why should your organization sign up with Merit?

Merit takes disparate, paper-based credentialing systems and connects them digitally, offering easy-to-use tools for you to issue verifiable claims to your members. With Merit, you can now verify, track, and manage credentials while protecting your data and creating persistent relationships with your members.